[New Music] Michael Jackson | Xscape

  1. The track is the title song off of MJ’s upcomingposthumous album XSCAPE. Jackson wrote the song with
    Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who produced a chunk of the
    King of Pop’s last proper LP, Invincible, in 2001.

    “XSCAPE” features many familiar MJ themes. The upbeat
    drum roll and static synth line give way to Jackson’s
    patented grunts, moans and signature wails. “Everywhere I
    turn, no matter where I look, the system’s in control, it’s all
    run by the book,” a distrustful Mike sings before coming to
    the conclusion: “I got to get away, so I can free my mind.”

    For much of his career, MJ battled with the pressures of
    fame, often expressing feelings of being trapped. In the
    song’s second verse, he turns his attention towards his
    impossible love life. “I tried to share my life with someone
    I could love, but gaining money is all she ever thought of,”
    he sings.
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