Missouri To Use Loud Noises To Slow Down Drivers

  1. Apparently the state of Missouri is having some trouble keeping their drivers from barreling through construction zones at full speed. It’s nothing to worry about, though, as the folks at the Missouri Department of Transportation have a brilliant idea that is supposed to fix the problem. What do they propose? Potholes every few feet? Speed bumps? No, their answer is much simpler – they just want to play loud noises for everyone to hear.

    I’m not making this up – MODOT has purchased 2 LRAD’s (Long Range Acoustic Device) that they hope will cause anyone going through a work zone to think twice before they just speed through it. So, as drivers enter the work zone, their ears will in theory be attacked by a very loud siren which is supposed to cause them to slow their speed. If you think like I do, that sounds a bit backwards upon first reading.

    This Sounds About Right…

    These LRAD’s are capable of producing sound at up to 153 decibels. In case you’re wondering, that’s very loud, like damage-your-ears loud. I don’t work for the Missouri Department of Transportation (obviously), so I’m not privy to all of their plans and discussions, but this doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. If I was driving along the road and all of a sudden heard a deafening siren, I’d either pull to the side of the road, park the car, and cover my ears, or I would push the pedal to the floor and get out of Dodge. I would most likely do anything except slow down. But that’s just me; maybe other drivers are different. Oh, it would definitely get my attention, I just don’t think it would have the desired result.

    Am I missing something? Do you think this will work? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

    [Image via lradx]

    SOURCE: http://jalopnik.com/missouri-to-deploy-ear-splitting-lrad-sound-cannons-to-1562542772/+robertsorokanich

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